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Daylingt Savings Time in ClearPass?

I'm sure it's obvious - which is why I'm not seeing it.


Can I (and how do I) set the DST clock adjustment in ClearPass?

All of our other tools log in "display" time rather than GMT so it gets confusing trying to remember when to adjust which entry mentally while reading logs.


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Re: Daylingt Savings Time in ClearPass?

So, Clearpass handles Daylight Savings Time like linux does.  The daylight savings time(s) are in a text file named after the Time Zone.  So the time is changed based on that text file.  Since ClearPass is a closed system you do not have a way to edit that file, unfortunately.  I wish I had a solution for your issue..


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Re: Daylingt Savings Time in ClearPass?

Daylight saving time is done automatically in ClearPass, as Colin explained following the Linux standards.


During configuration you can set the timezone per appliance to the Continent and Country; then DST is handled automatically.


If you want to change the timezone after the initial configuraiton, you can use the CLI to do that. Find the manual/help for that feature:


https://<enter the ip of your clearpass here>/tipshelp/html/en/index.htm#CPPM_UserGuide/CLI/Configure_Commands.htm?Highlight=timezone 



Use the date command to set System Date, Time, and Time Zone.


configure date -d <date> [-t <time> ] [-z <timezone>]


configure date -s <ntpserver> [-z <timezone>]


-z <timezone>

Specifies the syntax. To view the list of supported timezone values, enter show all-timezones. This field is optional.

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