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Dynamic Operator Profile on Login



So you can assign an Operator Profile based on attributes returned from an LDAP server, but can you assign an Operator Profile using some form of Smarty and Javascript on the Operator Login Configuration?


Example, on the Login page, you create radio button group with two options. Depending on which one the user choses prior to logging in, their choice puts them into different Operator Profiles.


The reason I ask is that the "Enable IF" and "Visible IF" options are not working as expected so rather than manipulate two different forms (create user and create mac for example), I would rather place users if different Operator Profiles depending on the type of account they want to create, chosen when logging in.


We are using Guest Manager 3.9 and Policy Manager 5.0.1

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Re: Dynamic Operator Profile on Login

This is not possible, no.  It could be a bad security exploit if we did.


Regarding visible_if and enable_if, they should work fine and are used throughout the app.  Note that the field name is the form object, not the value. 


For a text box or dropdown you want: field_name.value

For a checkbox: field_name.checked


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Re: Dynamic Operator Profile on Login


Thanks for the info, I've spoken to support regarding the enable_if and visible_if and a bug has been found, so hopefully a fix will be available shortly.

Any amount of Kudos will be greatly appreciated!!!
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