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Dynamically setting sponsor email based on field value



On our guest registration page, we would like to have a drop down menu that allows the guest to select the location they are at (New York, Tampa, Los Angeles). Then based on the location they select, have an email sent to the sponsorship group at that location. In other words, we want to dynamically set the 'sponsor_email' field value based on the user inputted value from a drop down field. Can anyone help with this?

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Re: Dynamically setting sponsor email based on field value



You would edit the form that is used to accept sponsor registration to have a set of dropdown options:  Enter ClearPass Guest and Go to Configuration> Guest Registration.  On the guest registration line, click on "Go To" to open a preview page of your guest registration. Go back to guest self registration and click on Edit.  Under "Register Page", click on Form to edit the guest registration form; this will allow you to edit the registration form.  Click on the line with sponsor_email and click on Edit (not edit base field) to edit how we display the sponsor field.  Change the "User Interface" parameter to "Drop-down list".  This will allow us to populate a set of choices.  In the "Label:" field, Change "sponsor email" to "Your Location:".  This will ask the customer to select their location, instead of entering an email for a sponsor.  Lastly, in the "Options: " field, enter a list of email addresses, a space, a pipe character and the location that we will be displaying.  That will populate our dropdown with hidden email addresses and locations for our users to select.  Look at the example below to see how to enter it.  




 When you are done, click on "save changes" and then refresh the Guest registration page to see if it meets your liking:



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