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Export onboarded devices



I was asked to provide a report of all onboarded devices on the clearpass. It's easy enough to see the listed devices, and drill thought the device types etc in the management and controll tab of the onboard.

However I haven't found a good way to extract them all in a usable report ala how the airwave does with devices on an SSID for instance.


I tried to use the insight, but it reported all the certificates, including those that had been revocked as well, so it didn't really give a usable data.


Is there any way to extrace the "manage by device" view into an CSV or PDF list ?



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Re: Export onboarded devices

Are you looking for device details or just a summary of the device types?  Wondering if instead of insights you just use go into Manage and Control where you mentioned before and select the "Usage" tab.  I have about 61,000 certs handed out as seen under "View by Cert" section but if I go under the Usage section I see a sumary of about 4000 enrolled devices and 12,000 not enrolled devices.  And it breaks it down by Apple and Android devices.

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Re: Export onboarded devices

Also when you set up the report in InSight did you add the column for "Revoked"  and select "Include RAW data in output" .  It can be easy to miss the additional columns you can add in the report because it appears as if the only options you have are the ones on the screen but you can actually scroll down in the table for more options.  Strange because there is no side scroll bar.  


Any way once you export the data with the revoke column couldnt you just delete all those who have been revoked from the report?

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Re: Export onboarded devices

I had already given them the usage overview screenshot for the numbers, but they wanted a bit more detail.


I have tried to run the insight report as well, with raw data on onboard certificates. I go one year back in time, since this is the validity period for the certificates. 

Fitlering on the revoked date colomn should in theory give me the same number of certficiates as valdi + not enrolled clients in the usage tab.

It's not even close.

I am 350 certificates short from the insight report compared to the usage tab from mamangement and control in onboarding module.

And the usage tab report only 28 certificates expired on time.

The numbers from usage don't add up either.

1695 License usage

Total enrolled 1704, not enrolled 77

Onboard CA, 1914 valid certificates, 28 expired. 0 Revoked.


From the insight onboard certificate report (one year back), I get 1357 certificates without a revoked date.


To me this is more confusing than usefull. Am I missing something here?


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