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Extension - Disable AutoSMS

We have a new Visitor Management System called Sine that uses extensions to create a WiFi guest account on Clearpass. It works as expected but we want to disable the auto SMS Receipt feature. Although we can probably live with the SMS sending at the account creation we don't want it sending another SMS when the guest account gets updated (expired, removed, etc).


I have reconfigured the extension with "cppmGuestSmsReceipt": false, and also "cppmGuestEmailReceipt": false,. I restarted the Extensions service for good measure and started the Sine extension but even though it no longer sends a receipt via email it still sends an SMS receipt.


Has anyone come across this? Thanks in advance.


Re: Extension - Disable AutoSMS

It sounds like you have made the correct configuration changes to the Sine extension but I suspect you need to check the default ClearPass setup for SMS Receipts.


Take a look at the Guest Configuration menu and select the Receipts > SMS Receipts option. You will find a setting for the Auto-Send Field and this needs to be set to the auto_send_sms option listed in the drop down. I think you might find that this setting defaults to visitor_phone and hence the extension configuration will be ignored whilst a phone number is present in the sign in event from Sine.

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Re: Extension - Disable AutoSMS

That fixed it .....thanks Cam! 

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