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Guest Access using CPPM!(urgent)



I have a requirement where an organisation wants that when a guest comes into the network, they should be given access for particular date and time. I believe that for this we need to quote Controller based solution as this type of feature is not present in IAP based solution.


Now client also wants that an OTP should be sent to guest along with timely access(i.e give access only for 2 days).


My question is that if we are quoting CPPM is there a need for controller or IAP based solution(integrated with CPPM) will fullfill both requirement i.e OTP and time based access.

Pls help.


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Re: Guest Access using CPPM!(urgent)

I have a couple questions...


What happens when a guest device returns a week or so later? Would they be granted access for another day?


Where is this OTP going to be entered?


I don't think you can do this on the controller either. Either way, I believe you will need CPPM. CPPM can solve these requirements with IAP or controller. The captive portal redirect would have a Click to Accept AND a link to a page for OTP login. That way the user could do either. Also with CPPM logic and MAC caching, you could allow devices with Click to Accept for one day each week. If they try to access the network again within those 7 days, you could redirect to a sponsored guest self registration page, requiring an employee to approve a user's access since they have exceeded the one day per week option.


Hopefully this helps.


Zach Jennings
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Re: Guest Access using CPPM!(urgent)

hi thanks for your help


will intergrate iap with cppm for OTP and time based access for guest users

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Re: Guest Access using CPPM!(urgent)

HI Mohan,


If you want to limit access time for the guest, well you can do that with the Controller itself, you have an option for selecting the validity period for the Guest account .


Else if you want a solution where Guest will receive a OTP mail you need to integrate the CPPM, CPPM having complete Guest solution.


Please feel free for any further query on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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