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Guest Receipt Email From Address Variable?

Our Guest setup has multiple SSIDs, each of which are active in different areas and will display different skins and login options for branding purposes based on the SSID used as a variable in the HTML. One hurdle I've run into is a way to control the 'from' address of the guest receipt using the SSID as a variable. I have found how to do this with the SSID name inside the guest receipt, but the 'from' address options (when you enable override) is either sponsor_email or 'admin email', but I don't see where to specify this 'admin email' (if there is somewhere other than the global from address), or any way to insert code to make it a variable. Any thoughts? 





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Re: Guest Receipt Email From Address Variable?

I think the admin email is the global smtp from address from the policy manager. I changed the from field by hard coding the sponsor email field and you can overload this in different registration pages. You may be able to have some logic in the advanced options of a hidden field that sets the sponsor field to the result of your choice based on your ssid variable.

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