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Guest branding

I want to brand my guest portal, but my problem is I have about 20 brands in the buliding.  My idea was to just brand the guest email, and the guest receipt page with the branding logos.  I was going to take the brand name from ldap when the user looks up his sponsor, and use that as the name of the jpg to brand with.


So the guest looks up joe who belongs to brandx.   The receipt page would put brandx.jpg up, and possibly some spiffy code for a default jpg.


My question is, is this possible?  Can I pass attributes from clearpass into the javascript?  

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Re: Guest branding

Here's a bit of PHP Smarty code, hopefully it will get you started in the right direction.


This will allow you to embed an image with a variable called $beer


It will also default to the URL public/logoX.png if the $beer variable is not defined


Assuming you will upload logoX.png in content manager


<img src="public/{$beer|default:"public/logoX.png"|escape}">


I believe you can embed that variable $beer in the URL or a hidden field in the previous [registration] page, for example if you uploaded a logoY.png in content manger:




Or you can code up some Javascript to detect the domain/brand name from the LDAP form.


Let me know if this helps, but I'll brainstorm and see if there's an easier way to accomplish what you're trying to do.



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