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Guest - multiple login methods?

Question around Guest and using multiple access methods within the same SSID.


I have a client looking to deploy Guest with multiple access methods based on the 3 main Guest roles:


-Guest - simple click-through anonymous portal with AUP acceptance

-Employee - AD authenticated w/ AUP acceptance

-Contractor - Guest DB authenticated with AUP acceptance


Hardware is Cisco WLC.


All 3 are reasonably easy on their own, but my idea was to insert a link on the basic guest landing page to a secondary page which prompts for credentials, and then logging in that way.  Doing this and clicking it will load the secondary page, but I lose all endpoint information/other parameters present on the URL that comes from the initial redirect, and then my authentication requests don't hit my user authentication service. Is a pre-auth check required for the latter 2 roles? I'm not entirely sure on the recommended pre-auth check to use, if that's the case.


Thanks in advance,



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