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Guest registration DNS and looping issues

No changes have been made to the platform pre-fault, just seems to have occured.

Users can join Guest SSID and obtain DHCP IP from DHCP server (not on the IAP) but when trying to browse to anything in any browser, the URL is not redirected to the Guest captive portal.

Oddly the URL path does have /guest/registration.php applied to it, just not the internal DNS name.

Eg, "".


If i manually browse to the http://IP/guest/registration.php it loads, and i can complete the registration, but am then looped back to the same page.


When joined to the Guest SSID i obtain a valid DHCP address and can NSLOOKUP the DNS name of the Guest Captive portal successfully, internal DNS entries are unchanged and are correct.

The config on the IAP's is pushed out via AMP templates, and again - is unchanged and contains the defined auth-server, and external-captive-portal:

wlan external-captive-portal
 port 80
 url "/guest/registration.php"
 auth-text ""


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Re: Guest registration DNS and looping issues

If you have not opened a TAC case, you should, because this could take some time to unravel.


If you only had one issue, we could look back to see what was done to fix that specific issue.  Since you have two issues, that could be more challenging to do from this forum.


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