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%{GuestUser:simultaneous_use} equivalent


I have a need to replicate the 'Session-Check' -> 'Active-Session-Count' -> 'GuestUser:simultaneous_use' template enforcement profile provided for Guest, for an external SQL auth DB.


Use case is guest user credentials can only auth/access guest using 3 different endpoints.  If greater than 3, then disconnect session.


I need to summate username's used for authentication against a variable.  The rest of the logic I can do.


Some ideas ?


Each time guest is accessed [endpoint repository] is updated and username attribute added to the endpoint listing.

Is there anyway I can leverage this information ?

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Re: %{GuestUser:simultaneous_use} equivalent

What about this existing filter and attribute definition in [Endpoint Repistory] ?


I'm struggling to interpret what 'unique-device-count' is ?

How many unique devices against a given username ?

If so.. this is literally what I need.  If not... then logic is pretty close.

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