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Hotspot plan / policy for recurring payment

The use case is a retirement home where residents will be paying for guest internet access.  The customer has found a couple of payment processors that can set up recurring billing, or the residents will be paying by post-dated check at the front desk.  So payment aside, how would I set up a policy for them?


The scenario:  resident logs in via the hotspot, and they choose the "recurring monthly" hotspot plan.  They enter their CC information and self-provision the account.   The back-end processor takes care of the recurring payment (how?) and the account is created with no expiry (or at least a 1-year expiry).


This works well today with short-term, one-time plans (1 day, 1 week, etc.) but any ideas how I can set it up with a longer term?  The idea is to assume that payment is being billed and received each month, and only disable the account if payment is cancelled or missed (manual disabling is acceptable).    I don't think I can enter 1 year as the "unit' in the hotspot plan, because it is measured in seconds, and 1 year in seconds is "3.15569e7"... 


Any ideas?


Re: Hotspot plan / policy for recurring payment

You should be able to use one Year as a plan. For the seconds if my math is correct is 31556926. 



screenshot_11 Jan. 18 01.17.gif

screenshot_09 Jan. 18 01.16.gif

Thank You,

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Re: Hotspot plan / policy for recurring payment

Thanks - I guess I should have used my calculator app instead of trusting Google :)


BTW, I got a slightly different number for seconds in a year.  60*60*24*365 = 31536000 by my calculations.  I'm going to pretend leap years and leap seconds aren't a thing.


Now I just need to figure out how they can set this up on the back-end as recurring monthly payments.  As far as Clearpass is concerned, it will bill them once for $30, and they will get a year out of it.  Anyone familiar with the different transaction processors, how to set that up?

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Re: Hotspot plan / policy for recurring payment

Not to be rude but google wasn't wrong :smileytongue:

3e7 means 3x10^7 or a 3 with 7 zeros added. Pretty much what you have now.

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Re: Hotspot plan / policy for recurring payment

Ha, yes I know.  For some reason (ok, the reason was laziness) I saw the result and assumed "this number is too large for my purposes" without doing the mental conversion (or bothering to take 10 seconds to calculate it myself).  

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