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How to Write an ACL

Hi I have the next stage.


On the cisco side :


Action     Source ip/mask                          Source ip/mask    Protocol     Source Port       Dst Port             

permit       udp             any                      2100  


On Aruba side:

Source                                                              Destination           Protocol     Port        Action

network        any                         udp            2100      permit    


I´m using the minport 2100 and maxport 2100 option.

But I need use the source "any" and dest 2100 option on the rules editor to replicate exactly the same rule from cisco. And I don´t know how to put that "any" the editor only let me use from 0-65535 range.  


How could I reach this. ?


Thanks in advance. 



Re: How to Write an ACL

The source port is assumed to be "any".  Your rule can be written like this:


network any udp 2100 2100 permit


**The min/max port should be the same if you want a single port destination.  The source port of that request is asssumed to be "any"



It can also be achieved by using aliases/network destinations:


netdestination "network-name"



alias "network-name" any udp 2100 2100 permit



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Re: How to Write an ACL

Thank you.

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