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IAP 105 and RAP 109 Radius accounting with Wired Ethernet Guest access

Dear Support.


I'm working on a test tool for and I need to connect my simulator through an IAP via Ethernet and have the IAP
redirect the simulator to an external captive portal and after authentication, the IAP needs to send accounting data to a radius server.


I've got the IAP and captive portal working correctly for Ethernet and Wireless connected guest devices, but I've found that I'm not seeing any Radius accounting messages from the IAP for Ethernet connected guest devices.

I only see Radius accounting messages for Wireless connected guest devices.


Is this likely to be a configuration setting? Or doesn't the IAP 105 or RAP 109 work that way for Ethernet devices?


I've tried 2 different network configurations:


The simplest is just using an RAP 109 with one Ethernet connection going up to the internet and Radius server, and the other Ethernet connection going to down stream Ethernet devices.


The more complicated configuration involved 2 x IAP 105s, with one set to bridging mode for the wired downstream Ethernet devices, and the master IAP handling the upstream to internet.


Both of the configurations above appear to have the same problem.


Do you have any ideas about if the feature I'm after is possible with the equipment I currently have or do I need a different model of IAP or some other Aruba gear?


Much apprecaited.





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Re: IAP 105 and RAP 109 Radius accounting with Wired Ethernet Guest access

Radius accounting is not currently supported for wired interfaces on IAPs.

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