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Issues logging into wireless with Roaming Profiles

Just wondering if anyone else has had issues logging in when an account is a roaming profile. Our laptops first do a machine authentication and then use 802.1X to authenticate our users against our radius server. If the user has a roaming profile it will not load their profile and fail the authentication. As soon as I uncheck roaming profiles in our Active Directory the user has no problem. They authenticate and everything works.


Has anyone else had issues with roaming profiles/re-directed folders in their enviroments? And if so what did you do to work around them.

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Re: Issues logging into wireless with Roaming Profiles

What are the firewall policies for your machine authenticated and fully authenticated roles?  


Some people do not use roaming profiles even on a wired network, because they degrade the user's experience while they wait for everything from their folders to copy before they login.  Hopefully all your clients are 802.11n to make that copy process bearable...



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Re: Issues logging into wireless with Roaming Profiles

The machine and fully authenticated policies are set to allow all


And only our new laptops are running at 802.11n. our older laptops are just running G.


I found this artilcle from Microsoft and it seems to be exactly what is happening when loggin in using roaming profiles because we do have 2003 DC. Does anyone know if wirless authentication an roaming profiles would work better on Windows 7 connecting to a 2008 R2 DC?

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