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Juniper WLC + ClearPass Guest: Disconnect / Missing Attributes


we have a setup of Trapeze/Juniper WLC and ClearPass Guest at one of our customers where ClearPass Guest is providing the captive portal to the WLAN clients connected to the Juniper WLAN hardware. Authentication seems to work properly with a combination of MAC Auth and Web Auth to send a RADIUS CoA to the WLC. Setup was done according the ClearPass Guest on Juniper WLC documenation in arubapedia.

We also want to disconnect the guests via the disconnect button in ClearPass Guest -> Active Sessions. This does not seem to work due to missing attributes, see log of WLC below:

AAA Sep 20 16:22:48.828279 DEBUG (0) RADIUS: DISCONNECT_REQUEST <22,43167,> lport=3799, len=20
AAA Sep 20 16:22:48.828522 DEBUG (0) RADIUS: NACK: request has no NAS-IP-Address attributes
AAA Sep 20 16:22:48.828611 DEBUG (0) RADIUS: request has no User-Name attribute

Does anyone know how to adjust the CoA or its attributes for the Disconnect-Request?

Thanks in advance.

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