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Known Endpoints disappear overnight (cleanup set to 0)

Hi. First Post,


Im running clearpass, the ssid is set for mac-auth fine and works well but so far this week every morning I have to re add the mac-addresses to the endpoint list, they disappear overnight,

I have logged a tac case aswell but wondered if anyone had any suggestions,


have gone into system wide config>cleanup settings and known devices are set to 0 (unlimited) so shouldn't disappear.

I can see in the event viewer auto cleanup is at 2.30am in the morning but shouldn't clear known devices should it.


thanks in advance.


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Re: Known Endpoints disappear overnight (cleanup set to 0)

Just heard from Aruba TAC,


"This is a know issue with clearpass 6.7.0 version and engineering team already working on it with bug #43598.
we are expecting the resolution in 6.7.1 version and according to bug we do have a workaround on this as setting cleanup interval for know endpoints to 180 days."

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