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MAC Based Authentication

Hello Everyone,

I'am new to the forums, I heard a lot of good things about airheads so thats why I joined :)


I have a question about MAC Based Authentication.

Currently I have wireless network where users can connect and authenticate on the captive portal through LDAP which works great.


Our next step was MAC based authentication for their notebooks so they wouldn't be able to use their personal devices on the network.

I followed the instructions in the Aruba OS 6.1 guide in regards to MAC based authentication however it doesn't give the full configuration steps.

I'm using an internal database on the controller which contains the valid MAC addresses.


I've done everything it says in the guide, it seems to skip the MAC based authetication and I've made sure the "Fail through" option under AAA profiles is unchecked.


Re: MAC Based Authentication

Please paste in the snippets of configuration for "AAA-Profile" for this SSID and we can see how that is configured as a starting point.


Also, what role do the users get currently when things are 'not working'?  What role would you like them to get instead?

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Re: MAC Based Authentication

AAA Profile List
Name               References  Profile Status
----               ----------  --------------
aaa_CCIE           1
default            2
default-dot1x      0           Predefined (editable)
default-dot1x-psk  0           Predefined (editable)
default-mac-auth   0           Predefined (editable)
default-open       0           Predefined (editable)
default-xml-api    0           Predefined (editable)
NoAuthAAAProfile   1           Predefined (editable)



2.) I've been testing only with the guest role.

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Re: MAC Based Authentication

Before I take you in the wrong direction:


How many mobile devices do you want to permit access to the network?

What is your backend database for authenticating users ? (Active Directory?)



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