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Mobility Controller not sending TACACs logins to ClearPass

Hi all,


I am trying to setup TACACs authentication against ClearPass on a Mobility Controller running version


I might be missing something, but it seems the Controller is only attempting to authenticate users locally. I've confirmed this by doing a 'show log security' and there is no evidence that the Controller is passing Authentication Reqests to ClearPass.


My configuration for AAA is below:

ip tacacs source-interface vlan 10
aaa tacacs-accounting server-group ClearPass-TACACs command all mode enable
aaa authentication-server tacacs "aruba-cp-01-TACACS"
   host ""
   key 785ee4a4bce8e3c104ff01e1b681fbdb5c028851fbe3e296
   source-interface vlan 10 ip6addr ::
aaa server-group "ClearPass-TACACs"
 auth-server aruba-cp-01-TACACS
aaa authentication mgmt
   server-group "ClearPass-TACACs"

Any ideas?



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Re: Mobility Controller not sending TACACs logins to ClearPass

Fix was simple. Hadn't enable the AAA configuration:


aaa authentication mgmt
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