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NG Firewall



Yesterday I finally received my NG Firewall licence - I had been running with eval licences.


After rebooting the 620 (OS to activate the licence, networkshares are now unavailable.

Both RAP as well as AP's suffer this problem.

The weird thing is that the server that hosts the networkshares also hosts an intranet which wifi clients can browse perfectly.

ICMP works fine as well.

Clients receive an IP address from a dhcp server just fine.

Clients authenticate using a windows radius server just fine.

Finally, wireless clients can also surf the internet.


It appears opening port 445 should solve this problem, but then I don't understand why it was working with the eval licence.


Using the GUI, I see that although the names of the policies I defined are still there, all rules connected to these policies have been erased.


thx for any comment





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Re: NG Firewall

Please open a tac case.  Anytime you add/remove the Firewall NG license you run a risk that alot of acl-based functions will not work the same.  TAC can get to the bottom of the issue much faster than we can here.


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Re: NG Firewall

I found the problem.


The aaa profile I use for the employee ssid had reverted to guest for the 802.1X Authentication Default Role.

When I changed that to authenticated everything works again.






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