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Network discovery in clearpass 6.7.1

o.k. so just started looking at network discovery instead of relying on DHCP request packets  to identify a clint device so ....


1). Set up a subnet discovey for a couple of subnets here  and  get a message saying 35 devices discovered, "n" clients discovered 

2). Click on view discovered devices  and get a whole list of devices which was surprising ...

2a) most of them are defined as just being IETF, only exception is HPE devices

2b). Try to import a device, fill in fields with shared key and  change device type to be ( in this case) H3C ... except it fails because the name already exists

2c). Having failed to import device becasue name already exisits ... the status of that device in the "discovered device list" is now imported ... but you didn't because the name already existed.


Would have hoped that it would have found the name already there... although I guess you're checking based upon IP address and it might be a box with multiple IP adresses assigned to different interfaces 


3). When it says view discovered clients, I would have expecred to see just a list of newly discovered clients not being taken to the display all known clients page.


Is it  possible to just see any new devices discovered ?




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