Onboard Certificate Expiry Email



I have notifications turned on for when the users Onboard certificate is about to expire. The default email template includes a link to the ClearPass, however the link is wrong.

It currently sends as: <hostname of cppm>/onboard/onboard.php


I created a duplicate of the default template and would like to modify the following line: Please <a href="{$page_path|NwaGetAppUrl:true:true|escape}">re-provision your device</a>

I figured I can go about this one of two ways:

  • I can hardcode the URL
  • I can put something like: <a href="onboard.php">

If I go with option two, what will ClearPass fill in for the rest of the URL?

We have a FQDN register that points to the ClearPass so I would prefer to use that.


After configuring the new template, is there a way to send an actual test email so I can verify that the correct link is being sent?



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