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Onboard Wizard - QuickConnect encountered an error condition

In an environment that previously had ClearPass Onboard working with ADCS integration - I'm hitting an error when running the QuickConnect app on Windows 7 and 10 machines (haven't tried mobiles or anything else).


Logs attached. It looks like the client may not be generating its private key properly, although there is also an HTTP error 500 by the looks of things:


2016-07-18 16:46:27,458 [null] DEBUG Quick1X.ParseMobileConfig - Retrieving value of Validate-Server-Certificate option
2016-07-18 16:46:27,458 [null] DEBUG Quick1X.ParseMobileConfig - Disabling Onboard server certificate validation
2016-07-18 16:46:27,614 [null] DEBUG Quick1X.ParseMobileConfig - HTTP Status Code500


2016-07-18 16:46:27,880 [null] DEBUG Quick1X.ParseMobileConfig - The type of networkconfig
2016-07-18 16:46:27,880 [null] ERROR Quick1X.QuickConnectDlg - Could not parse mobileconfig file


To confirm I don't have a device limit configured.


Only thing I can think of is this being an issue introduced after upgrading to 6.6...


Has anyone seen any issues like this before?

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Re: Onboard Wizard - QuickConnect encountered an error condition

Turned out to be ClearPass system wide proxy settings...


ADCS requires NTLM authentication which doesn't play nice through a proxy.


Remove proxy settings and viola :)

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Re: Onboard Wizard - QuickConnect encountered an error condition

you say it was a clearpass system wide proxy setting.... which setting are you referring to? I believe I'm seeing the same error, but don't believe I have any proxies turned on. 

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