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My understanding for Onboarding was that it is used for employees owned personal devices. However, I do also see in some places that Onboarding is also used for Guests. I am not sure what situtation would require Onboarding Guest devices!  


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Hello Faadi,


Onboarding is basically for the employee's personal device, which are not domain joined, where IT cannot control them. employee will do onboard to there personal device, so they can do 802.1x, either eap mschap v2 or eap TLS.


Guest users typically do, captive portal and as they do not need internal access and also they do not need to go through the complex process of onboarding, just for connecting once or twice, when they are visiting.


hope this helps..



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Re: Onboarding

Assisted Onboard is for any unmanaged device. It does not have to be an employee personal device. The Onboard platform itself also supports issuance via management tools like AirWatch and JAMF via SCEP or EST.

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