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Onguard - dissolvable scan result page

Hey guys, I've implemented the OnGuard solution in my lab environment, got it working fine, redirecting to the dissolvable (non-java) Weblogin page when the user does not have the permanent agent.


The issue I am having is that when the dissolvable scan is over, the user is immediately reauthenticated into either the authenticated or quarantined role, as planned, but the dissolvable page does not update, which means the user does not know what happend.


Is there a way to add a delay to the CoA just for situation to give the scan page time to update? I've tested without the CoA and the page updates with the scan results just fine...

running on version 6.5.7.




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Re: Onguard - dissolvable scan result page

Figured it out, if you add Login Delay to the web login page it will apply after the scan....


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