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Onguard-internet connection sharing

Hi there,
I have this problem.
Onguard has been configured to check Network connections.


Bridge Network Connections, Internet connection sharing and Adhoc networks have been set to be disallowed.


For any laptops found to not comply, onguard displays a notification message and problem is identified and resolved.


For this particular laptop (Dell precision M700, windows 7), Onguard checks and informs: Internet connection sharing is not allowed. Please disable internet connection sharing for following connections and try again - wireless Network Connection..


I couldn't find where the internet connection sharing is so removed all other wireless network profiles leaving only one Wireless Network Profile and that doesn't have internet sharing enabled. Yet onguard still says that internet connection sharing is still enabled.


I even wen't and disabled the internet connction service on windows but the result is still the same-anyone can advise where else I should check for the shared internet connection?





Re: Onguard-internet connection sharing

Please work with our support to remotely debug this...thanks

Seth R. Fiermonti
Consulting Systems Engineer - ACCX, ACDX, ACMX
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Re: Onguard-internet connection sharing




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