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Options for monitoring glucose levels

Hello Community,

We have 7210 masters and 7240 local controllers, we run CPPM 6.5.   We have BYOD onboarding at several sites, and it's expanding, but not yet to all locations (need funding, etc to get it everywhere). Also, we use captive portal from the local controller for Guest (not Clearpass guest).  The login for the captive portal page is a local user account and that password changes every day.


Recently we were presented with a request from a parent, who wanted to monitor their child's glucose levels from home, work, etc. via the child's wifi enabled device (device does not have cellular).   The glucose montioring device communicates via bluetooth to an iphone. The iphone could then communicate with the internet, and the parent could see the child's levels. If BYOD would have been at the location, that would have been ideal and solution,  But it's not yet.  I setup a local user account for the student to authenticate in the captive portal and get internet access that way.  Understanding that this isn't ideal, this guest methodology doesn't mac cache, if the wifi device goes to sleep, the student will likely have to re-authenticate to the captive portal page. Would there be any options that I could make the end user experience better?  A different method? This is sort of a one off from our normal setup, but would like to try and see if there are options that could be better in the mean time until / when we get onboarding to that location.


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Re: Options for monitoring glucose levels

You can use a user derivation rule to dump the device directly into the access role. 


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Re: Options for monitoring glucose levels

So would i do that on the local controller?  And put it in based on the device's mac address?

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