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PLEASE DELETE - Issues with iOS and Android activations

**Please delete this duplcated post**


This has been an ongoing issue for a long time now, and I really need to nail it!


Ive posted before about android devices, and despite being supplied with a "difinitive" list (below link) of goole servers that could be used during the device activation process, Im unable to complete the setting up of a new google account  -  the page simply doesnt show on the device.  So we have to either hotspot the device to setup a google account, or set it up online before trying to onboard.


We also have a similar issue with iOS devices, that wont connect to the Activation servers, despite having a 17.*.*.* whitelist.  Ive also added the domain, which does yield occasional success, so I can only conclude there must be other cdn's that I need to whitelist.  Ive not been able to find a list of these, unsuprisinlgy!


This does only affect brand new devices that need to activate during the onboarding process, but as they can be bought in the dozens, it is causing a bit of an issue.


Anyone have this issue, or found a fix, rather than the workaround we are using?

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