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Passcode policy on Android



I have deployed Clearpass Onboard for evaluation of the technology and successfully onboarded Windows, iOS and Android devices. But on Android i get a passcode policy deployed to the device. This policy require PIN to unlock.

Clearpass Onboard passcode policy is with default settings, ie not enabled, and according to documentation this only apply to iOS devices.


How do I remove the policy that has been pushed to the Android device? Android version 4.1.2


In a BYOD scenario, how can configuration settings deployed by Onboard be removed from a device if the owner of the device leaves the organization and the device shouldn't be configured any more.

Of course certificates can be revoked to block access but is it possible to clean configuration from the device?



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Re: Passcode policy on Android

Android makes you put a passcode on a device that has a client-side key.  Some versions also make you also do this if you have PEAP credentials or a preshared key for WLAN networks.  It is an android limitation.


You can delete or "forget" the WLAN and/or  delete the TLS certificate  to remove the WLAN settings.  You still have to go in and remove the passcode manually, however.  This all depends on the version and the "skin" (Touchwiz, Sense) that you are using.


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Re: Passcode policy on Android

Thank you,


I will try this and see if it solves the issue.



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