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Pull Endpoints through API

Hi community,


I need to pull a list of all end-points (including details like device type, hostname, ip, etc.) from ClearPass through its API. The process that works is:

First, pull a high-level list of all available MAC addresses: /api/endpoint

Then iterate that list and run two API calls per MAC:

 - /insight/endpoint/mac/001aef1a188b

 - /async_netd/deviceprofiler/endpoints/001aef1a188b


I need to run the call to async_netd in order to get the hostname per device as the /insight/endpoint/mac API wouldn't return that info.


My question is: is there a more efficient way to pull all those end-point details?

The reason this is not very efficient: let's assume you have an environment with 10.000 end-points. I will need to run 1 + 10.000 + 10.000 API calls to get all details from all end-points. That takes more than 20 minutes to process and puts the ClearPass server under quite some load for quite a long time.

Any ideas on improving this?



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Re: Pull Endpoints through API

What is the goal of pulling all of the endpoints?

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480
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Re: Pull Endpoints through API

Synchronizing them with a CMDB

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Re: Pull Endpoints through API

I have to perform the same action. Do you have a more efficient solution?

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Re: Pull Endpoints through API

No, I did not find a more efficient solution :(

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