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Question about Onboad licensing

New to ClearPass. I am actually doing the training right now. However, going through the licensing module leaves me with a question. I work at a Small University. We would like to use onboard with our students, but we will lose graduating classes and those who don't make it through the program. 


How does ClearPass know if a user is still active? Is there a way to tie this in to AD so that when we remove the student account, the onboard license is released back into the pool?


I saw another topic similar that mentioned setting expiry dates, but I feel like that requires more administration because our students would need to expire at different times, and we are a really small shop.  

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Re: Question about Onboad licensing

A license is only used when a device authenticates in a 24hr period. If you onboard 100 devices but each day you have only, say 10 of those conencting and authenticating you will only be using 10 licenses.

Re: Question about Onboad licensing



Onboard lic is calculated by provisioned devices.


screenshot_01 Feb. 23 02.44.gif


As of today you will have to manually revoke if a device hasn't been seen. We will deny access of an account is disabled in AD. 


I do believe there is a feature request in for auto revoke after a time period. I do not have a committed date. 

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Re: Question about Onboad licensing

That's what I feared. Well, hopefully the feature request turns in to something. 

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