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Timeout on guest portal with Instant



I am wondering if it's possible to have the following use case/scenario supported on Instant.


I want a captive portal where a user just has to click acknowledge. However, after a period of time (x hours), I want to user to get kicked off and have to click through the terms again.


Is this possible to do using only Instant without clearpass? I found some info that indicated that this might be possible setting the reauth interval. However, I tried setting this to 5 minutes, and even after 5 minutes my devices can still browse without haveingto go through the captive portal acknoledgement page again.


Thanks for the help! 

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Re: Timeout on guest portal with Instant

Try an reauth interval longer than the inactivity time (1000 seconds by default).

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Re: Timeout on guest portal with Instant

I gave that a shot and it doesn't seem to be working


For testing, I now have an inactivity timeout on the SSID of 5 minutes, I have the option to deauth inactive clients checked, and I have a reauth interval of 7 minutes. This is all with MAC auth on that SSID.


If I connect a client and wait >7 minutes, the client is still able to browse without getting the captive portal page again. It looks like if I totally disconnect and reconnect, I get the portal page, but I want this to take place mid-browsing if the reauth interval period is exceeded, 

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