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Upgrading from 6.7 to 6.8

Hi just a few quick questions but probably long answers. 


1). In a few weeks we are hoping to upgrade our system to 6.8, before this though we need to install the cumulative patch 12 for our existing system. In the upgrading notes it talks about "The stand-by-publisher value should be set to false during the upgrade process to avoid a false failover." But is this the case for just patching as I would have thought you'd patch the subscriber first then the publisher and let it failover?



2). As discussed above when upgrading from 6.7 to 6.8 I can see that you need to install the latest patch for 6.7 first (install on all nodes in the cluster it looks like for Patch 12 for us) and then the Upgrade Preparation Patch for 6.8 (only to be installed on the Publisher).  Is this correct?


3). I can see a hotfix patch for license activations would this need to be installed before the Upgrade Preparation Patch or would it be included already in the Cumulative Patch 12 (




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Re: Upgrading from 6.7 to 6.8

The standby publisher is a designated node in the cluster that will automatically take the role of publisher if the publisher is lost. You don't want that process to kick in during a cluster upgrade, so for that reason you need to disable that automatic takeover feature (during the time of the upgrade).


Point 2 matches as far as I can see what is in the Upgrade Path to ClearPass 6.8 documentation, with the side-note that I don't see the requirement to first upgrade to the latest hotfix in 6.7 (Direct upgrades to 6.8.0 are supported for all 6.7.x versions when the upgrade is done through the Software Updates portal’s Import Upgrade Image option, or through the Cluster Upgrade portal, or downloaded or installed through the web service.)


I'm quite sure that the license activation patch is included in subsequent hotfixes. Also, if your licenses are activated there should not be an issue.


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