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Users on CP lose ip address when roaming

I think I have nailed this down to a AAA profile or user role issue.  After finding this thread:


User davidaVzB has the exact same issue I am facing.  My captive portal SSID constantly disconnects users when they roam (sometimes even when they are idle), and they are unable to reconnect.  We do have some slight differences, such as:


1. Band steering is enabled.

2. User Idle Timeout does not match DHCP lease (lease is 86400, idle timeout is 43200).

3. I have a 3400 controller, not 3600.

4. I am running code, not


Every other point davidaVzB makes I have seen/configured as well.  Today I began investigating his solution, which was to change his logoncontrol ACL to reference "user any udp 68 deny" instead of "any any udp 68 deny".  My logoncontrol ACL already states "user any udp 68 deny", so his solution does not work for me.


I then tried to adjust my AAA profile for this SSID, first by changing the following to options that work on our guest SSID that does not have issues:


1. MAC Authentication Default Role changed from "cp_guest" to "guest".

2. 802.1X Authentication Default Role cahnged from "cp_guest" to "guest".


This did not do anything, as I still see the captive portal and disconnect while roaming.  I then tried modifying:


3. Initial role changed from "cp_guest_logon" to "authenticated".


I now bypass the captive portal page and can roam without issue.  So the problem seems to be within the Initial Role defined in the AAA profile I am using.  Here are the ACL's in use on the initial role:


ip access-list session global-sacl
ip access-list session apprf-cp-guest-logon-sacl
ip access-list session logon-control
  user any udp 68  deny
  any any svc-icmp  permit
  any any svc-dns  permit
  any any svc-dhcp  permit
  any any svc-natt  permit
  any network any  deny
  any network any  deny
ip access-list session captiveportal
  user   alias controller svc-https  dst-nat 8081
  user any svc-http  dst-nat 8080
  user any svc-https  dst-nat 8081
  user any svc-http-proxy1  dst-nat 8088
  user any svc-http-proxy2  dst-nat 8088
  user any svc-http-proxy3  dst-nat 8088

I finally tried creating a test ACL called "test-logon-control" which had all lines except for "user any udp 68 deny".  This also caused me to disconnect while roaming.  As far as I can tell, "svc-dhcp" includes udp 67-68, so I should be allowing all DHCP traffic now.


At this point I am stumped.  Is there anything else I can try, or something I am missing above?

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Re: Users on CP lose ip address when roaming

What role does the user get AFTER authenticating with the Captive Portal?  That is the role that you need to look at.

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Re: Users on CP lose ip address when roaming

Thank you, Colin.  I took a look at our guest profile and noticed the following:


user-role cp_guest
 access-list session global-sacl
 access-list session apprf-cp_guest-sacl
 access-list session deny-all-internal
 access-list session allowall

The first two ACL's have no permit/deny statements in them, followed by a deny of all RFC1918 space, then a permit all.  Since we use a 10.x.x.x network for this CP SSID, and it was being denied access to that network, via ACL deny-all-internal, it was being dropped.  I updated the role to include a new "permit-services" ACL as follows and bumped it up in priority above the deny statement:


ip access-list session permit-services
  any any svc-dhcp  permit
  any any svc-dns  permit
  any any svc-natt  permit
  any any svc-icmp  permit

This allowed me to roam throughout the building without being dropped.  I will continue to test today, but I think that solved the problem.

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