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Visitor badge printer and ClearPass Guest



I hope this is the best forum for this question.


I'm will implement ClearPass for a customer with several small offices to provide guest accounts to their Guest SSID.

In the small offices the do not have any reception or visitor registration terminal, but they would have the option to print a temporary guest account without any user registration. Just pushing a button on the badge printer.


He told me he had see this type of printer in some hotels...


So my question is:

Have anyone run into this type of printer and also tried and hopefully got it to work with ClearPass?

I would appreciate any advice regarding printer brand and model and also if there is any need of integration work needed to enable ClearPass to create the guest account and send the information to the printer.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Visitor badge printer and ClearPass Guest

You have many different options to printing the guest information and Clearpass has an open API that you can use to integrate with third party applications. It all comes down to how you want to print or send the user the account information.


With technology today a lot of our customers are getting away from printers and going to SMS or email receipts. When it comes down to recommending printers I will let the community tell you what they are using in the field but to CPPM we are just sending a standard print page in the format that you want. (see below)








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