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New Contributor

VoIP phones dropping off network

I'm trying to test out deploying new AllWorx LLDP phones on some Aruba s2500 switches.  Right now if I connect them to my old switches the phones use LLDP-MED to determine the voip VLAN and are placed on the the correct vlan and work.


I setup the same vlan on the s2500 that is connecitng back to the old switch using a trunk.  When I plug in the AllWorx phone, it shows up on the switch as a phone under show neighbors for about 30 seconds (I see the expiration time and it looks to be causing the drop).  It is pingable and on the correct vlan for about 10 seconds, then it drops and no longer has access and is no longer a neighbor device.  The symptoms are identical to this article


I have followed through the article I listed and everything I can find on the KB.  Here are the configs I am running.  


vlan "15"

  description "VoIP"


interface-profile voip-profile "VoIP-Profile"

  voip-vlan 15

  voip-dscp 46

  voip-dot1p 4

  voip-mode auto-discover


interface-profile poe-profile "PoE-On"



interface-profile lldp-profile "lldp-Profile"

  lldp transmit

  lldp receive

  med enable



interface-group gigabitethernet "Ethernet-Group"

  apply-to 0/0/0-0/0/11

  voip-profile "VoIP-Profile"

  lldp-profile "lldp-Profile"

  poe-profile "PoE-On"                  

  switching-profile "Voice-Port-Switching-Profile"


I've got to be missing something here, any ideas?


Thank You

Contributor II

Re: VoIP phones dropping off network

Can you provide details of  'Voice-Port-Switching-Profile' ?

Also the KB you mentioned isn't accessible.


New Contributor

Re: VoIP phones dropping off network

Thank you for getting back to me.  It looks like I left a . in the URL.  The symptoms are the same, however this phone supports LLDP and CDP, I have tried manually setting both with the same results. should get you in there.


I have tried many different settings on the voip-switching-profile, everytime I am able to get the correct VLAN, correct IP address (pingable) then the connection expires and the phone goes offline, I believe it is being switched back to vlan1 but am not positive (30 seconds from LLDP detection).  The phone also stops showing up in show neighbor-devices after the expire time runs out.


Currently the switching profile matches the default.  It is a access port, access / native vlans set to 1, trusted.


Am I missing something in the switching profile? Thank you again for the response.

New Contributor

Re: VoIP phones dropping off network

This is what the interface status shows when the phone is booting up.


ArubaS1500-12P) (VoIP profile "VoIP-Profile") #show lldp neighbor interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0 detail


Interface: gigabitethernet0/0/0, Number of neighbors: 1


Chassis id: 00:0a:dd:xx:xx:xx

Interface description: Not received, ID: Port0

Device MAC: 00:0a:dd:xx:xx:xx

Last Update: Wed Dec  2 07:38:50 2015

Time to live: 30, Expires in: 28 Secs

System capabilities : Bridge,Phone

Enabled capabilities: Bridge,Phone

System name: Allworx 9212L

System description: 

  Allworx 9212L

Auto negotiation: Supported, Enabled 

Autoneg capability:

  10Base-T, HD: yes, FD: yes

  100Base-T, HD: yes, FD: yes

Media attached unit type: 100BaseTXFD - 2 pair category 5 UTP, full duplex mode (16)

802.3 Power: 

 Port ID:      Ifalias Port0

 Port Description: Not received


Device Type:  Communication Device Endpoint (Class III)

Capability:   LLDP-MED capabilities, Network policy



  Descr:        Voice

  Layer 2 Priority: 0

  DSCP Value:   0

Contributor II

Re: VoIP phones dropping off network

From what you have shared, looks fine. Need to troubleshoot further, for that, apporach TAC for assistance.

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