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Re: Windows 8.1 Onboard Support

Troy - I do NOT get the warning about extended key usage so my cert should be good. The devices is Win 8.1 Pro. 


In working with TAC, they had me uncheck "valid server certificate" under the manual trust settings in OnBoard. This did not help and I still get EAP timeouts.  


My cert is 2048 sha1 signed by OnBoard. Could you share the cert type you used in your working lab?


BTW - Windows 8.0 onboards and connects just fine. I know that doesn't really help. 


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Re: Windows 8.1 Onboard Support

We are running cleapass version 6.4.0, and still have this problem with windows 8.1 clients.

The only solution we have found so far is to patch the clients with windows 8.1 update 1 from windows update. After the patch is installed the wifi connection suddenly works perfect.


We have not been able to find the root cause of the problem. Anyone else?

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