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Wired/Wireless Windows Onboard

i am very new to onboard, and i can't find any useful deployment guide. i want to onboard windows devices on both wired and wireless. 

a) configured onboard as root CA

b) configured 'network settings' with wired and wireless

c) configured 'configuration profiles'

d) configured 'provisioning settings'

e) i also have 2 services for onboard from aruba application authentication/authorization for 'pre auth' and 'auth'


1) what is the difference between Windows provisioning and Web-Based provisioning, for my case which should I choose?

2) for wired, do i need to enable 802.1x for the client before pre auth? what settings should the network adapter be? 

3) for wireless, what should be configured to the ssid? eap-tls?

4) what else am i missing?


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Re: Wired/Wireless Windows Onboard

have you read this: ?


1) windows will provide an installer that does it all for you, web-based is a website, i would use the first if you can.


2) depends on how your work flow will be, you do you envision this? how will clients first connect to start the process?


3) if you are using certs then EAP-TLS is the way to go yes.


4) nothing i can think of, build it and see it.


[EDIT] you should also consider talking to your Aruba partner to have a chat about this, they might be able to work with you and make things go smoother.

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