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Wired captive portal using Amigopod

We recently implemented a wireless guest network at a customer using Amigopod and the question came up if it would be possible to have the same captive portal feature for the wired users aswell.

From what I gather it's possible.


The installation:


We have two 3400 controllers in redundancy and two S3500 switches in the core of that solution and we use Amigopod for authenticating the wireless users. The APs in use are AP105 and they're terminated in the S3500 switches.


First question; Do the S2500 support the features necessary to support wired authentication (In case we need to add switches to the infrastructure?


Second question; Reviewing the currenct setup - What config is necessary on the S3500 (And possibly additional S2500) in order to achieve this? Is it just enough to configure accessports on the switch using the same VLAN we use for the wireless users? If not what's needed/can anyone reference to any good documentation on this?


Third question; If we add simple layer two switches between the S3500 port and the the end-user will this cause issues for captive portal authentication?




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Re: Wired captive portal using Amigopod

You can achieve this using the tunneled node feature. See the s3500 and the latest ArubaOS user guides for the configuration steps required to setup tunneld node.





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Re: Wired captive portal using Amigopod

Ok, I'll look into that, thanks :smileyhappy:

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