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clearpass licensing with onguard

Hi i am new at clearpass and i read the forum but could not find the proper answer for my question that is why i am asking , sorry for this i suppose this will be easy for you .


i want to use clearpass 802.1x feature with onguard for 30000 client , 

is that enough giving 25k + 5k virtual applicance with 30k onguard license ?

if i want to authenticate using 802.1x to my client and want to do health check for this client than does it mean cppm uses 1 license from cppm's capacity and 1 license for onguard or for onguard process 1 cppm + 1 onguard license and for 802.1x 1 cppm capacity ?

i confused ,could you please lighten me ?




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Re: clearpass licensing with onguard



As you mentioned that you have 25K+5K CPPM virtual appliance so thhese devices can handle 30000 radius request  (Policy Manager License Require) + 30000 onguard clients (Appropriate Onguard License Require) without redundancy.


Also refer below link


CPPM License



Milind Yashwantrao


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