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iOS Onboarding : reconnecting issue



I'm trying to set up onboarding for iOS devices with CPPM. I''m facing an issue with the reconnect part of the process, my devices are unable to disconnect/reconnect. I'm using a single SSID, and the following error is displayed on the application log :


Client:    xxxxxxxxxx:63013
Script:    /guest/mdps_profile.php
Function:  NwaMdpsProfileDoDisconnect
Details:   array (
  'result' => array (
    'error' => 1,
    'message' => 'Missing attribute (attributes)',
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Re: iOS Onboarding : reconnecting issue

It's almost working now. I replaced  the "cp-redirect-address" value on the controller side with the VRRP IP of my cluster.

Now, my iPad is able to reconnect to the SSID, and the role affected is correct. The only thing is that after reconnect process, the webpage displayed is the connect failure page, with the message "You should now change your network settings"


Any ideas ?

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Re: iOS Onboarding : reconnecting issue

i believe that with iOS you have to do the disconnect / reconnect yourself.

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