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sms with code validation

My customer wants a captive portal in clearpass with a form requesting the cell number and sending an SMS with a code that the guest use to access to the wifi.

I know that i need a sms gateway, but do  i need something else?, can i do this with clearpass?.

do yo have some document with this?


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Re: sms with code validation

The only thing you need is to configure the sms provider in ClearPass Guest.


See attachment





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Re: sms with code validation

OK, thank, i know that i need configure the sms gateway, but how can i send a  code by sms to the guest and use it for the guest ingress to the wifi.

How do i need to configure the self-registration page for this?

do you have the steps?




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Re: sms with code validation

Self Registration via SMS is like via E-Mail.


A quick search for an easy guide:

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