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whitespace delimiter in trim username



Is it possible to use regular expressions in the "trim username" function?


We have a 2 factor system that we use use as RADIUS authentication source in CPPM.

This 2FA system alllows to specify the method (TOTP, SMS, ...) by adding a whitespace and the method to the username.


We also want to use the username and search AD group memberships for sending certain RADIUS attributes to the VPN gateway.


As the Authentication:Username contains the 2FA method at the end, authorization in AD doesn´t find any details.


We need to trim the username (remove the 2FA method) and use the result for the AD authorization query.


In addition we would need to send Authentication:Full-Username to the 2FA server tforkeeping the 2FA method intact. Can this be done in  the pre-proxy section of the 2FA radius auth source?


The trim username functionality doesn´t seem to allow regex.


I opened a feature request but wanted to ask if there are other options for solving this.

Would it be possinle to trim the username in the AD filter query section of the AD auth source?





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