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Allow nested Ap-group structure

From time to time I wish the AP-group config would be more flexible. Currently with a big set of configurations and locations the ap-group loist tends to grow quite a bit. As a flat list this simply is not very user friendly.


The use of nested ap-groups where config could be set at a global level (or not) and exceptions per level would be quite usefull.


level 1           <- options here count for all levels 2 and up
 - level 2        <- options here count for all levels 3 and up
   - ...
     - level x    <- options here are specific to this entry


- Top               <- same dot1x ssid's everywhere
 - Belgium        <- same Dutch+French captive portal for all BE sites
   - plant 1
     - bldng 1     <- exception RF profile 
     - bldng 2     
   - plant 2        
- Netherlands <- same Dutch captive portal for all NL sites - plant 1 - France <- same French captive portal for all FR sites - plant 1

I realise the same result can already be gotten with the current AP-group impplementation but the nesting would make it alot more flexible and clearer.

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