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From an end-user perspective, searching through release notes isn't efficient and is only as up-to-date as the last relase, which could be two months old.  


Agreed that most companies don't have a bug search tool, but two big ones that do are Cisco and Juniper.  I thought it was a good suggestion and is helpful for bug scrubs.  Perhaps the person who suggested it (he's on Airheads) will see this post and chime in.

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I am forwarding your request to Aruba's product management team. Can't promise immediate change but I can promise that your comments will be made visible. 


Moving this discussion under Ideas section to have it stand out even more. 


Always great to hear your feedback. 


It's a good idea, and definitely not the first time we've heard it.  Ryan Holland from OSU brought this up at the last Airheads and it was seconded by several other folks.  We have a few people looking into what it will take.  I can't make any promises, but we do think it's a good idea and we do want to make it happen.


In the interest of full disclosure, this type of thing is a little complicated to implement.  We cannot simply expose our internal bug database.  A few reasons why:


- From time to time we have security vulnerabilities that we have to disclose.  We certainly don't want bugs of that nature exposed.


- We sometimes have incoming bug rates of 200+ per week coming from QA during a major release testing phase.  Of those, many are closed as invalid because of testbed setup problems, a misunderstanding of how the feature works, or a host of other reasons.  Exposing all bugs, even unverified bugs, is just going to cause unnecessary alarm.


- Bug titles and descriptions aren't always as descriptive as they should be, because they are designed for internal consumption.  For example, one bug I'm looking at now is titled "ARM not working fine!!!" and the description field is just a dump of some cryptic CLI command.  When you see bugs listed in the release notes, some tech writer has re-written the description to at least try to make it comprehensible.



That implies that we need a separate database, and that it needs human intervention to make it work.  If you think about the type of people who could provide that human intervention, they are generally the type of people we would like to employ to write code, manage products, etc.  People like that are at a premium.  So, it's difficult to justify the investment.


What I think we could do as an interim step is take the "resolved bugs" section of the release notes and dump that into a searchable database.  This does't fully address the request from Airheads where customers wanted to see all currently open bugs, but it would at least be a start.

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Just curious if we are anywhere closer to this after roughly a year...