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ACMA / ACMP Suggested LAB equipment?

Hi folks,


I am starting on my Aruba (self) training for the ACMA and probably ACMP certifications later down the road and would like some suggestions for what equipment to purchase for pure lab purposes.


I am quite fresh to Aruba products, other than some IAP cluster installations, but I am averagely well versed in networking and security (CCNA and a bunch of hands-on experience from ASA firewalls). That is why I want to have the actual equipment to play with if I am going to get certified.


Without having researched too much into the certification content yet, I am guessing something like this would be enough to get me going:

- 2x AP's

- 1x or more controllers (rack mounted preferred)

- 1x L3 switch (I have switches, but why not go all-Aruba when I'm already on a roll)


Can anyone suggest actual products for a feasible setup for ACMA/ACMP?


I don't need the most powerful devices, but I also don't want any restricting limits when it comes to functionality.


Thanks in advance :)

Looking forward to get to know the Aruba products in depth!


Re: ACMA / ACMP Suggested LAB equipment?

You could probably get some 3000 series controllers and 200 series APs on ebay to start. Or if you have a bigger budget to get some 7000 controllers and 1x 325 and 324
Sean Rynearson

Re: ACMA / ACMP Suggested LAB equipment?

go here to get study guides to give an idea where to focus your studies

Pasquale Monardo | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
ACDX #420 | ACCA
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Re: ACMA / ACMP Suggested LAB equipment?

Thanks, Srynearson. I'll look further the products and pricing :)

Do you also know of a decent Remote Access Point for lab purposes and functionality wise? I know RAP isn't neccesarily a part of ACMA or ACMP (Correct me if I am wrong), but I would like to play with them regardless.





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