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ACMP study guides??

Hello, I recently went through the Mobility bootcamp and passed the ACMA.  I need the ACMP here in a few weeks and was wondering if there were any good study guides online to go through(besides the one on Aruba's website) or anything else to help prepare.  I assume the books I got in class will help out a lot as well but just in case.




Re: ACMP study guides??

The Bootcamp, notes, ACMA, Example Objectives and example guide on the Aruba Website are you best bets.


Some experience in practical implementation of all the parts-n-pieces doesn't hurt as well ;)

Good luck !


ACMP certified since '07 ;-) 

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Re: ACMP study guides??

You definitely need to go through the Validated Reference Design guides.


Make notes of specific information that explains the different features of the ArubaOS code.

Some things are only referenced in the VRDs.

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Re: ACMP study guides??


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Re: ACMP study guides??

The Aruba OS 6.1 User Guide is also helping with my studies. 

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Re: ACMP study guides??

I hate to jump on the end of, or in the middle of a post, but.... I also have some questions on the ACMP exam. Do you see many questions from the ACMA exam, or is the main focus of the ACMP exam based upon the study guide from the ACMP course? What, if anything would be a particular area of study to focus on? I will also take the advice from the other posts and review the additional material that were recommended? Thanks,
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Re: ACMP study guides??

I passed a few weeks back and had lots of questions on controller capabilities (number of AP's supported etc,etc), licenses, mobility domains, a few CLI commands and a lot of questions about which role will be assigned given a certain set of conditions...such as user authentication or machine authentication conditions.


My course books from the Mobility Bootcamp, The OS 6.1 User Guide and the Study Guide Helped a lot!.   Some helpful soul elsewhere in the airheads forum has answered the even numbered questions in the Study Guide which also gives you 13 answered examples of the type of exam question.  Similar if not exactly the same came up in the live exam I think.  Also my company had a demo kit so access to a controller to play with configs/Web GUI helped but is not essential!


I am guessing there are several hundred exam questions in the pool and when you sit the exam it randomly picks 75.  So my experience will differ to yours as randomly generated.


The exam presents 75 questions in 90 minutes.


Passing score is 75%.


Good Luck!

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Re: ACMP study guides??

some good information..... Thanks!
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Re: ACMP study guides??

No problem and here is the link with the even numbered study guide question answers.


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ACMP -wihout doing ACMA

Hi Can we do the ACMP straight away without doing ACMA??


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