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Centralized Licensing

Dear Members, 

I have some questions regarding centralized licensing. I hope you could answer me to clear my concept. 


1) let say we have 1 master and 2 local and there is no centraliyed licensing enabled. let say we have 8 clients on local controller. then we need 16 AP lics on each local. But why do we need 1 AP license on master? what Master has to do with that AP lic?


2) My second question is if we need to create user roles then we need PEF-NG lic. in the above topology with 1 master and 2 locals and 8 APs on each Local how many PEF-NG licenses we need and most important where do we put those PEF-NG lics? either master or locals? 


3) when do we need PEFVPN Lics, and in the above topology with 1 master and 2 locals where do we need a PEFV lic. 



Actually I want to clear my mind with non centralized and centralized licensing. If you please provide me some document I shall be very thankful.





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Re: Centralized Licensing

Hey, take a look at the below :


1) You need 1x AP license on the master to enable the AP features on the Master to be pushed to the local. 


2) PEF-NG Licenses are to go on the master. You would need 16 licenses, 8x for each local.


3) You only apply the PEF-V license to the controller which will be terminating the connection. This type of license is not shared in the pool.


Please see below for further info:

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Centralized Licensing

thank you so much. but in my case pefv lics will be placed on master controller or on locals???
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Re: Centralized Licensing

Where will the PEF-V clients be connecting to, the master or local? That will be the controller. I suspect it will be the local based on what you have said.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Centralized Licensing

thank you so much. to sum up everything. all lics are required at local controllers and we only need 1 ap lic on master. regardless how many aps we are using. controllers limit must be kept in mind. correct me if i am wrong. :)

thank you once again.
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Re: Centralized Licensing

For an overview, please check the Mobility Contoller VRD chapter 3.


The info below is just for ArubaOS 6.x (on 8.x licenses are centralized on the mobility master)


The master controller needs to have one license of all to enable the configuration of the features. So, master controller will need PEFV as well:

2017-10-09 08_43_36-Aruba Mobility Controllers- PDF.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.png

I believe that in order to use the master controller to redirect the APs to the right local, you might need an AP license as well.


Then with central licensing: all licenses (except controller bound licenses like PEFV/Via) are contributed to a central pool. So it does not really matter on which controller you install licenses, master or any of the locals. For management purposes, most customers opt to install just on the master controller. The benefit of centralized license (and part of your question) is that because the PEFNG/RFProtect are not consumed till APs actually terminate on the master (not recommended), the license just sits there and allows roles (PEFNG) and RFProtect and other config to be done on the master and distributed to the locals.


So for non-centralized, the table above applies, for centralized, you don't need additional licenses as because they are in the pool and as long no APs terminate on the master you have access to the commands and will be fine.


The PEFV is the big exception in this story as that license needs to be installed on both the master and optional backup-master to allow VIA configuration, and on the locals to terminate VIA clients and allow roles to be applied on the client traffic.


Note that this PEFV exception has changed in ArubaOS 8.x. That version no longer requires the license for the Mobility Master.


As you are posting in the training/certification section, I would follow the information in the VRD posted above, with the addition of the centralized licensing concept that is described above.


For production/design, please go ArubaOS 8.x to avoid these kinds of questions.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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