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Changes to the Aruba certification program you should know about!

Aruba is excited to announce advances to the certification model aimed at simplifying the program and adding a larger return on investment.


So far this year Aruba has grown its Certified Professionals by 42% and are on track to add 5,000 newly certified engineers into the market. However, we can do more to accelerate our growth and bring lasting value to Aruba certified professionals.


Here are some of the highlights of the new program launching November 1st, 2019:


  • No more certifications with versions. Certified professional will be recognized for the Aruba expertise they have gained.
  • Predictable market relevance. Career certifications will be valid for 3 years, product and sales certifications for 2 years.
  • Simplified path to Expert. No more pre-requisites! Expert certification candidates just need to pass the written and practical exams.
  • New Aruba Edge Certification. This is an industry first certification that recognizes Aruba certification holders for their breadth of knowledge at every level. Existing AMFX will be migrated to this new certification.
  • Enhanced recertification policies. Any higher-level certification will recertify the lower one. For Aruba Edge holders, one exam recertifies all certifications.
  • Program simplification. Investments are aligned to Aruba programs.

To learn more about what's new, including FAQ,  click here. Contact with any questions and feedback.


To get started on your path to Aruba Certification visit us at:

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Re: Changes to the Aruba certification program you should know about!

Hi Jenna!

What is an "Aruba Edge holder"?

thx & BR

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