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Problems registering ACMX

Hi everyone,


I have been trying to schedule the ACMX exam for 7 days and I get this error on the Aruba Training website:


Field format error: 10561-There's an error with this transaction. Please enter a complete billing address. 


I sent an email to the support, but no one can give me a solution to the case.


First they said that there might be a problem on my credit card. I called my bank and there were no requests denied on their behalf.


Then they asked me to try to make the purchase with another credit card. I receive the same error with different credit cards.


The best response I received from support was to buy training credits from a partner.


I need to schedule this test as soon as possible. Does anyone know anything about this error or do you know where I can buy the Training credits in the United States?

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Re: Problems registering ACMX

Hi Felipe- Katie and I are already supporting you with this via email. Please respond on the email thread so that we can help resolve the issue you are having.